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Article provided by: Seattle's Mortgage Broker - Joe Tafolla

Seattle Suburbs

Most people’s thoughts reflect vibrancy and diversity when they think about suburban living. The safest and most quiet suburb will still have enough activity for one to raise well-rounded children. The hour-long drive is worth every second when you consider all the benefits of Seattle suburbs.

Benefits of a Seattle suburb

Backyard space

Millennials only prefer urban city living when they are working a job in the CBD. Research suggests that young professionals with little financial freedom quickly moves to the suburb to begin a family with some peace.


The high demand for the suburb is vital for developing the best architecture with a cheap price tag. The extra space is worth the extra money and does not compare to what you will get in the inner city for the same value. The benefit of real estate's unique property of the outer town is equally enticing to a prospective homeowner and business investor.

Modern lifestyle

New suburbs come with many new features and functions. You can enjoy a newly installed innovation to make a comfortable living or business. The new homes have more robust structures to fortify security while allowing you to enjoy extra space such as the theatre.
Community development

The new community is the best opportunity for you to get into a new community setup. These properties encourage buyers who want a city with charm and personality to foster the real sense of a welcoming home.

Can you afford Seattle suburbs?

The first glance at these properties gives the impression that they are easy to afford compared to many other urban environments. Several factors are influencing the price of a suburb. Chances are most people who move to these areas are upgrading their home, and therefore expect to pay more while buying the house, but less than they would in the stand-alone family property.

The suburban purchase price becomes a factor when considering all supplementary costs increasing the purchase price. These include extra expenses like buying furniture to fill the additional space, more utility fees, HOA bills, a more massive yard with a higher water bill, and more transport costs to commute to the city.  

How to afford Seattle suburbs?

You can afford a suburb when you are strategic about the payment—the smartest way to pay the home with a mortgage from the SMB brokers.

It is worth using a broker to shop around for the cheapest package for your home. The home loan offers the broadest range of interest rates to suit diverse income levels. We assist in finding one that will allow you to sustain the adjustment to a new home.

A more specific option is to get a suburb mortgage with an interest-only home loan. These loans are a good option if you want to avoid the large mortgage payment when entering the market. The loans allow one to begin paying off the loan after a specific time. They take longer to pay off and are therefore favorable for a family with limited income. Call SMB 206-251-0818 to talk about your dream of joining the Seattle suburbs and helping you get into the right financial setting.


Seattle's Mortgage Broker - Joe Tafolla
Seattle Suburbs
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